Georgetown University W-9 Registration Portal
The Payee Account Portal will allow you to register all non-employee payee accounts for U.S. individuals and entities. Accounts are required for all non-employee payments from Georgetown University and include the following categories:
  • Supplier accounts
  • Reimbursement accounts
  • Non-reportable student accounts
  • Petty cash custodian accounts
Prior to registration, confirm that you do not already have an existing account with your Georgetown campus contact.
Supplier accounts can also be used to make reimbursement and non-reportable student account payments. Multiple accounts are not necessary. Reimbursement and non-reportable student accounts require less information to register but are strictly limited to specific spend categories. Register for a supplier account if you are not sure of which account type to select.
More information can be found on our website:
Contact the Georgetown Tax Department at with questions.
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This site is intended for individuals and organizations that are U.S. citizen or persons (including a resident alien). If you are a foreign supplier (vendor), you need to provide Form W-8BEN or W-8BEN-E to the Tax Department. See the link below for additional information:

Georgetown University Supplier Setup Information

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